I BioAnthropological Meeting: a multidisciplinary approach

Welcome to the I BioAnthropological Meeting (I BAM)

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 Deadline for abstracts’ submission was extended to March 15th 


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   We are honored to invite all those interested in attending the I BioAnthropological Meeting: a multidisciplinary approach,

 which  will take place on the 31st of May and 1st of June, 2013, at the Department of Life Sciences (former Anthropology) of the

 Faculty of  Sciences and Technology of the University of Coimbra (DCV-FCTUC). This meeting is already supported by the Department 

itself, as well as by the Research Centre for Anthropology and Health (CIAS) and the Group of Studies in Human Evolution (GEEvH).

    The I BAM follows a long tradition in the organization of scientific events with an international scope in the field of Biological Anthropology. 

The former Department of Anthropology and now the Department of Life Sciences in the University of Coimbra has, over the years, stood out 

not only in research but also in teaching Anthropology. To an organizing committee constituted by very young researchers, with deep

 connections to this institution, it is an honor to be able to count with all its support. The idea of this encounter arises from the urge to be closely

 involved in the practical applicability of the knowledge intersection, at the specific level of Biological Anthropology. This meeting aims to 

present the latest research that has been developed in several areas of this field, highlighting specific themes, such as:


  • Forensic Anthropology 
  • Population Genetics 
  • Human Ecology 
  • Primatology
  • Human Evolution
  • Anthropology of Past Populations

   To fulfill this purpose, we intend to gather researchers of the considered themes, in order to enhance the benefits that can be revealed

 when  using an approach that combines the individuality of each area in a cohesive scientific knowledge. The I BAM also aims to give

 students and/or researchers, in a wide range of fields not only in Anthropology, the opportunity to expose their work, either by oral or poster


We will be waiting for you!


Feel free to contact us in anyway you want, by clicking on the image aside.

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